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Customer Service Philosophy

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Rocky Farahmand
Owner & Founder

The day begins very early for Rocky. As an Implantologist, Rocky’s schedule in a given week is always full. He visits new and existing clients if his assistance chair-side is needed or provides advice, particularly on difficult or combination cases.

  Rocky Farahmand
After a long day, Rocky likes to hit the gym to play racquet ball. His other hobbies are golf, dining out and spending time with his family.

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Beth Sandberg
Business Administrator

Beth has been a member of the Finesse family since early 2009.  Beth manages all of Finesse’s front office tasks including human resources, accounting, and payment processing.  By managing the administrative functions at the office, Beth enables Rocky to focus on best serving our doctors and keeping Finesse on the cutting edge of technology.
  Beth Sandberg

Beth is happily married with two children.  She is an avid reader and enjoys spending her spare time relaxing in Ocean City.

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Marketing Department

The Marketing team at Finesse is made up of Ivan, Roberto and Erica. They are happy to stop by your office at any time to speak with the Doctors about new and upcoming technology. Also, you will find this team at many seminars and conventions. The main goal for the Marketing team is to stay up to date with current changes in the Dental Industry and keep the Doctors informed.
  Marketing Department


Customer Service

Gayle and Danielle are two ladies you will speak with upon calling Finesse Dental Lab. They will assist you with any questions or directing your phone calls to the correct technician. Danielle and Gayle are responsible for inputting the cases into the system, shipping and handling, and billing every case.
  Customer Service
1165 Marlkress Drive Unit K, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, 800-424-6651 phonefinesse AT eticomm DOT net